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Gemological Aspects

Detailed descriptions of benitoite’s gemological characteristics, including its color, clarity, cut, and how these affect its value.

Benitoite Gemstone: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

: The BenitoiteBenitoite is the most critical factor in determining its value. The best and most valuable gemstone is a vibrant blue with no traces of green or gray. In summary, the value and price of BenitoiteBenitoite are determined by the interplay of its carat weight, . A well- stone ...

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: average retail prices, Feb 2024. Value chart for . Data valid till: 10 Mar 2024. is a rare silicate mineral that is typically blue in demonstrates outstanding transparency and brightness when . was first discovered in 1907, and gemstone quality has been found only in San Benito County in ...

Benitoite Gemstones: A Rare and Beautiful Discovery

unique optical properties make it an important mineral for scientific research, particularly in the field of crystallography. In the jewelry industry, is highly prized for its beauty and rarity. It is often used as a centerpiece in jewelry designs, and its unique blue is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

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. , shade, and make crystal a beautiful and rare gemstone. Usually, is found in dark blue but is also found in some other . Every crystal has its own rare identity, and it looks brighter than diamond. Blue . Blue is the most common raw .

Benitoite Meaning, Uses, and Benefits - Metaphysical Properties Explained

is thought to be a powerful stone that can assist in astral travel. stones enhance mental telepathy abilities and help you better communicate with the spirit world. is said to offer protection against negative energy and evil spirits. is also thought to be a stone of guidance.

How To Identify Benitoite Like a Graduate Gemologist

Step 2 - Place the stone facet face down on the fluid dot and slide it toward the middle of the hemicylinder crystal using your fingers. Step 3 - Look through the viewer lens without magnification. Continue looking until you see the outline of a bubble, then look at the bottom of this bubble.

Benitoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers - The Complete Guide

is a particularly high energy instrument, just like, for example, fulgurite. Therefore, its powers are known to expand one's mind and activate all corners of one's consciousness. Due to its effects on the third eye chakra, you will find a boost in your psychic and intuitive abilities. The stone is also known to enable a person to ...

Technical data sheet - general: Benitoite - pdf

- Typical inclusions that may be found in include: Gas bubbles, Small internal fractures, Inclusion minerals such as diopside, natrolite and joaquinite , Traces of fluids, inclusions are common in crystals and can vary in size and visibility. Despite the presence of

Benitoite - Modern Jeweler

Due in part to the fact that it has only one meaningful occurrence, became California's state gem in 1985. It is highly doubtful, however, that the gem would have been awarded such status just because of its rarity. Beauty and uniqueness ( the only gem known in its crystal class)—played equally decisive roles.

Benitoite Gem Guide and Properties Chart -

was discovered in 1907 by James Marshall Couch and it was named after the San Benito River, the nearby San Benito Mountain, and San Benito County where it is found. Stones are typically below 1ct but stones that range from 1ct to 4ct can be found. The largest stone on record weighed 15.42ct. The ditrigonal-dipyramidal habit is the ...

Benitoite Stone: Its Meaning, Properties & Value - Luxe Digital

In fact, the value of is almost as striking as the gem itself, rich blue, eye clean gems of 1 carat will sell for between $6,500 - $8,500. typically ranges in from a pale, watery blue to light blue and deep bluish violet. It is famous among mineralogists for its high dispersion, which is the stunning, multi-colored ...

Benitoite | Properties, Formation, Occurrence » Geology Science

is a rare and beautiful gemstone that was first discovered in California, United States. It is known for its striking blue exceptional brilliance, often compared to the intensity of a sapphire or a tanzanite. is recognized as the official state gem of California. The name "" is derived from the San ...

Neptunite Inclusion in Benitoite - GIA

is a barium titanium silicate (BaTiSi 3 O 9 ). This rare gem is found primarily in San Benito County, California, though it also occurs in other locations worldwide. Neptunite's chemical formula is KNa 2 Li (Fe 2+ ,Mn) 2 Ti 2 Si 8 O 24, and it also occurs in San Benito County. Neptunite is found in association with other minerals in ...

Historical Reading List: Benitoite - GIA

, Paragenesis and Mode of Occurrence, G.D. Louderback and W.C. Blasdale, University of California Publications - Bulletin of the Department of Geology, Vol. 5, No. 23, pp. 331-380, (1909). This report provides a the physical and chemical properties, mode of occurrence, and geologic conditions of formation of .

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Cause of . The origin of in has not been definitively established. Proposed ideas include: Fe2+ - Ti4+ or the Fe2+ - Fe3+ intervalance charge transfer. While most is colorless when viewed down the c-axis, there is a very small number (3) of exceedingly rare stones (now into gemstones) which are pink in this ...

Benitoite : The Rarest Gemstone Found in the World only been found in ...

is a rare minerals best known to be the official Californian state gemstone. It is a barium titanium silicate mineral, typically of a blue found in hydrothermal rocks with a chemical composition of Ba Ti (Si 3O9). It is an extremely rare rock. It is an extremely rare titanium cyclosilicate blue barium found in serpentinite that ...

Benitoite - Wikipedia

typically occurs with an unusual set of minerals, along with minerals that make up its host rock. Frequently associated minerals include: natrolite, neptunite, joaquinite, serpentine and albite. is a rare mineral found in very few locations San Benito County, California, Japan and Arkansas.In the San Benito occurrence, it is found in natrolite veins within ...

Benitoite: The gemstone benitoite information and pictures

is a rare gemstone, and for all practical purposes only comes from a single limited deposit in California. It is a relatively new gemstone, and was first discovered in 1907. gemstones have a sapphire-blue can have very good transparency and luster. Due to its rarity and lack of availability, can be ...

Benitoite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information - International Gem Society

A 6.52-ct gem was for a private collector but stolen in transit. The American Museum of Natural History in New York holds a 3.57-ct gem. Caring for Your Jewelry. Due to inclusions, avoid cleaning with mechanical processes, such as ultrasonic or steam systems. Instead, use a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water for ...

Benitoite: The mineral benitoite information & picture

was first discovered in 1907, and upon its initial discovery was thought to be Sapphire.The crystal structure of is unique, and is the only significant mineral in its crystal class. crystallizes in a rare hexagonal sub-class called ditrigonal-dipyramidal. Most crystals were originally deeply embedded in thick Natrolite; specimens are prepared for collectors by ...

Benitoite Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & Mines - Gem Rock Auctions

However, a 1-carat, inclusion-free gem can be $6,500 to $8,000. The average price for small carat-weights is $700 per carat. Medium blue is most valuable, with gems typically fetching around $4,000 per carat for 1-ct stones. Light gray-blue or violet-blue gems are usually $2,000-$3,000 per carat.

Benitoite: Discovery, Geology, Properties, Mine, Gemstones

What Is ? is an extremely rare mineral that is best known for being the official state gemstone of California. It is a barium titanium silicate mineral, usually blue in that is found in rocks that have been altered by hydrothermal metamorphism. chemical composition is BaTi(Si 3 O 9).. identification and original was based upon specimens ...