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Tips and advice for collectors and buyers on purchasing benitoite, including how to identify genuine specimens and evaluate their quality and value.

Benitoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers - The Complete Guide

is a particularly high energy instrument, just like, for example, fulgurite. Therefore, its powers are known to expand one's mind and activate all corners of one's consciousness. Due to its effects on the third eye chakra, you will find a boost in your psychic and intuitive abilities. The stone is also known to enable a person to ...

What is Benitoite? | Benitoite Mining Company

by Leza Junnila. is a rare blue barium titanium cyclosilicate, found in hydro-thermally altered serpentinite. It forms in low temperature, high pressure environments typical of subduction zones at convergent plate boundaries. fluoresces under short wave ultraviolet light, appearing bright blue to bluish white in col.

Benitoite Specimen - Etsy

Geniune. Unheat and Untreated Rough Crystal. 11.6x10.75x7.15 mm. Approximately. Here is a selection of four-star and five-star reviews from customers who were delighted with the products they found in this category. Check out our selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our home & living shops.

How To Identify Benitoite Like a Graduate Gemologist

Step 2 - Place the stone facet face down on the fluid dot and slide it toward the middle of the hemicylinder crystal using your fingers. Step 3 - Look through the viewer lens without magnification. Continue looking until you see the outline of a bubble, then look at the bottom of this bubble.

Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito County, California - Collectors Edge

The Gem mine is located on 16.2 hectares of private patented mining property. Four other prospects in the district are claimed as follows: (1) The Junnila claim; (2) The Mina Numero Uno claim; (3) The Victor claim; and (4) The Santa Rita Peak property. All of these mineral prospects are closed to the public.

Benitoite For Sale | Gem Rock Auctions

When it comes to , it is essential to be well-informed to ensure you acquire an authentic and high-quality gemstone. Start by examining the color. displays a mesmerizing blue hue, often with hints of violet and exceptional brilliance. Look for stones with intense color saturation and good clarity.

Benitoite Gemstone: Properties, Benefits & Meanings

Gemstone Value and Price. Several factors, carat weight, cut, clarity, and color, influence the value and price of gemstones. Carat weight: Like other gemstones, BenitoiteBenitoite is priced per carat, and the larger the stone, the higher the price per carat. However, larger stones are also rarer, so the cost per ...

True Blue Benitoite | Rock & Gem Magazine

True Blue . California's state gem has a unique shape and source. doesn't come much better than this superb 2-cm, near perfect crystal (private collection). Imagine that you are camping in a well-vegetated, high-mountain meadow in a remote area along the headwaters of the San Benito River, near California's Diablo Mountains.

Benitoite: Discovery, Geology, Properties, Mine, Gemstones

Neptunite Crystals: This is a plate of translucent blue crystals and black neptunite crystals on a background of white natrolite. (This association is typical and an important characteristic of the mineral.) The crystals are about 2 centimeters in length and the plate measures about 15 x 11 x 2 centimeters in size.

Benitoite | Properties, Formation, Occurrence » Geology Science

is a rare and beautiful gemstone that was first discovered in California, United States. It is known for its striking blue color and exceptional brilliance, often compared to the intensity of a sapphire or a tanzanite. is recognized as the official state gem of California. The name "" is derived from the San ...

Benitoite Mine & Mineral Specimens - Trinity Mineral Company

These are three photos of jonesite. Jonesite is the rarest mineral found at the Gem Mine. The photo on the left is of a 2.5 mm spray on neptunite. The photo in the center is of a small 1.5 mm spray on joaquinite crystals and the photo on the right is of a 3.5 mm single crystal - rather enormous for the species.

Historical Reading List: Benitoite - GIA

Historical Reading List: — the California State Gemstone. A collection of faceted gemstones (approximately 5 carats total weight). Gift of Mining Co. Photo by: Orasa Weldon/GIA. Early in 1907 crystals of a rare mineral new to science, and subsequently named were discovered in the Coast Ranges of ...

Benitoite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Home Gemstones Value, Price, and Jewelry Information. By Joel E. Arem, Ph.D., FGA, Barbara Smigel, PhD. GG, International Gem Society. With dispersion higher than diamond and sapphire-blue body color, is one of the most attractive of all rare gems. Gem-quality crystals have been found only in San Benito County, California.

Benitoite - Gem Adventurer™

Exclusively sourced from California's San Benito County, for which it is named, fine 'sapphire-esque' blues coupled with its rarity, has made this scarce, exotic and virtually unknown gemstone, restricted it to the lucky few. With limited crystals approaching gem-quality, most fine are zealously guarded by mineral never faceted. Due to […]

Benitoite - Modern Jeweler

Today, estimates Gray, at least 90% of all is sold to collectors—most, until recently, in Europe. Now, however, a fast-growing audience for the gem is found in America. To give you an idea of mushrooming world demand for the typical dealer-- price of fine 1-carat faceted has jumped 10-fold since 1960, from roughly $100 to $1,000 per carat.

Benitoite: The gemstone benitoite information and pictures

is a rare gemstone, and for all practical purposes only comes from a single limited deposit in California. It is a relatively new gemstone, and was first discovered in 1907. gemstones have a sapphire-blue color, and can have very good transparency and luster. Due to its rarity and lack of availability, can be ...

Benitoite: Complete Guide (Updated 2024) | Healing Crystals Co.

Sale Price Ring Price. A pure and authentic gemstone ring price range starts from $800 USD to $2500 USD approximately. Price per Carat. There are price differences according to the color and carat of the stone: White stone costs around $1600 USD per carat

Benitoite Average Retail Prices (value charts per carat) in 2024 - Gemval

: average retail prices, Feb 2024. Value chart for . Data valid till: 10 Mar 2024. is a rare silicate mineral that is typically blue in color and demonstrates outstanding transparency and brightness when cut. It was first discovered in 1907, and gemstone quality has been found only in San Benito County in ...

Benitoite Stone: Its Meaning, Properties & Value - Luxe Digital

The value of increases greatly as the size of the cut stone increases, meaning that the cost of a good quality stone over 2 carats is $10,000 per carat. As a result, many rings feature multiple clusters of the shimmering blue gem, rather than one large stone.

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Top Identifying In this category, we'll share helpful from other gems due to its unique properties. Short title: .Learn to spot the distinctive features of...

Benitoite Jewelry: A Guide to the Rare and Remarkable

Key Takeaways: is a rare and stunning gem primarily found in California. It's a perfect choice for unique and rare engagement or wedding rings due to its dazzling blue color and fiery dispersion. Despite its durability, requires special care to maintain its luster. high price reflects its rarity and quality.

How Much is Benitoite Worth per Carat, Gram? (2024 Values)

Values and Pricing. is a rare gemstone and thus demands a premium price, sub 1-carat to 3-carat stones will sell for $250.00 to $2,200.00 per carat. Most of the faceted stones will have inclusions and high dispersion with a blueish-purple hue. More than likely you won't see faceted stones on a regular basis and ...

Benitoite Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & Mines

However, a 1-carat, inclusion-free gem can be $6,500 to $8,000. The average price for small carat-weights is $700 per carat. Medium blue is most valuable, with these gems typically fetching around $4,000 per carat for 1-ct stones. Light gray-blue or violet-blue gems are usually $2,000-$3,000 per carat.